Simple Blackpool SEO Services

Blackpool SEO is all about helping you get found by your customers when they search.

What Blackpool SEO does for you

By making changes to the pages on your website, we improve the chances of Google showing your website in their search results.

How it works

  • Identify valuable key phrases (the things people search for)
  • Optimise the pages of your website for those key phrases
  • Monitor your website progress as the search ranking improves

The upside for you? More money £££

How much actual money would 15% more visitors to your website be worth to you? What about 20% more? Well the real world difference between being 10th on Google and being 1st could be as much as 1536% more.

When search engines are the way that everybody finds what they need, having a good position can mean the difference between profit and loss.

SEO is for your business

Search belongs to everyone. Google is the great leveller, it gives small businesses just as much opportunity to rank for key phrases as big business - you just need to give yourself the best chance of being found.

Getting the fundamentals of on-page optimisation right is the first big step on the path to search engine success. It can take a while for your page to reach the top positions, so the sooner you start the better.

Get your FREE audit

To get your started, order a free SEO audit. Just let us know the page and the key phrase and we'll let you know what you can do to improve and what it will take to achieve the number 1 spot.

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